Hematologic Problems in Pregnancy

Here are the instructions for arranging consultations for patients who have hematologic problems complicating a pregnancy. The recommendations were laid out by Dr. Pratt in January 2011.

Over the past several months, the Perinatal Clinic has seen patients who have needed consultations and co-management with hematology.  Specifically, these women have clotting deficiencies (vonWillibrands, heterozygous Factor VIII deficiency, Factor VII deficiency) which result in potentially increased risk during the pregnancy .  Some of the hem/onc folks are more comfortable caring for pregnant women with clotting disorders than others. To address these concerns, Dr. Pratt had a meeting with Mark Menge, Hem/Onc department chair and Mark Wilkowske, hematology division chair. Their department had a recent meeting to address  specific concerns.

Dr. Amy Spomer and Dr. Cathy  Chen have  interest and additional expertise in clotting disorders. Therefore, if you have a patient with a clotting disorder, please specifically refer your patient to these physicians.

For patients with thrombophilias (increased risk of clot), all of the hem/onc physicians are happy to see your patients.  In addition, Dr. Bruce Burnett (director of the Anticoagulation Clinic) is happy to see patients with genetic thrombophilias.

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